Welcome to Alpha Omega Holistic Medicine! We offer complete Holistic Programs and Wellness Care for everyone. Please enjoy my photography, as nature has always been my path to healing. Our proven and successful methods include educating patients on yoga, acupuncture, allergies, diet, mental health, creative expression, 
and environmental health. I’ll show you how to work with the elements of nature to provide balance.

The body functions as a whole unit, it consists of many channels and pathways. Therefore the healing process of the body will function in the same way. The elements must be present in every aspect in our lives in order to create balance. This includes our bodies as well as our living spaces which are a reflection upon us.


The balance includes recognizing that there will always be a sliding scale. Sometimes we may need more or less of things. Work, rest, exercise, health, creativity, and relationships all play a part. It's up to us to stay in tuned with our bodies as it's needs as are always shifting and changing. Our physical environment also can influence us just as much. For all wellness getaways, Follow the MERMAID to Greece……..(Photo by:Cristina Rivera)

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Yoga and Wellness Retreats to Greece!

(Sfakia, Crete - Greece)

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Yoga is the universal language of the entire world. Plan your next retreat in beautiful Greece for you, your business, or your family. This sacred healing land is full of culture, arts, and history. Get away to a magical experience full of rich knowledge and classical archeology. As an Non-GMO country, you will enjoy the taste of the mediterranean. Plan your trip now!  

(Athens, Greece - 1st Greek Yoga Festival @Golden Hall 10/2014)

Greece yoga

Yoga is the gateway to the global shift the planet needs from us!!

"Holistic living and wellness from the inside out."